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Quick Facts

Heat and frost insulation is an essential part of the infrastructure of every large institution, commercial and industrial construction project. Not only does heat and frost insulation aid in energy conservation helping building operate more efficiently, it also helps in protecting valuable investments in infrastructure, equipment and human resource.

Benefits of Heat and Frost Insulation

Improving Air Quality
A key to avoidance of mold growth in buildings is through proper insulation. The prevention of condensation on piping systems stops water/moisture from supporting fungal growth. The dryer the system the better against mold growth.

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E)
The installation of mechanical insulation on mechanical systems such as high pressure steam lines not only helps reducing energy costs, it can also help protect people from the extreme temperatures of the pipe. Piping can become very hot – when they are exposed, they can become a burn hazard for anyone passing by unaware. Many hospitals and schools have pipes exposed in corridors that could become dangerous without the protection of mechanical insulation.

Noise Control
We all love air-conditioned air but in larger buildings with larger duct sizes, that can come at a cost. The larger ducts can make a lot of noise. Proper insulation on HVAC systems allows the building inhabitants to enjoy air-conditioned air during hot summer days without the noise that can become distracting.

Process Control
Proper installed mechanical insulation starts to save you money the moment it is installed. Lost energy costs can affect the wallet. Using less energy will reduce your general running cost, as well as minimize your general carbon footprint. Properly installed mechanical insulation on mechanical systems keeps the temperature at the proper constant temperature which ranges from -260’c to 2700’c.

Condensation Control
When pipes condensate in confined spaces, they can cause damage to their environment. But more importantly, the condensation on the pipes can also be hazardous to your health. A pipe’s condensation can cause mould spores. Prolonged exposure to mould has been proven to harmful to the human body. Pipes that condensate can also cause corrosion on cold pipes leading to future damages.

Freeze protection
When mechanical systems need to run in places that are below freezing, mechanical insulation can prevent these systems from freezing minimizing risk and maintenance costs to the owner. Freezing temperatures can be quite uncomfortable for building inhabitants – proper mechanical insulation can help protect people from the cold temperatures which can run in certain mechanical systems

Energy Conservation
Proper mechanical insulation on mechanical systems prevents heat loss or gain. On an average building, 30% of a building operating cost can be attributed to energy costs. Proper insulation on mechanical systems can cut this cost in half, saving building owners money as well as reducing breakdowns on systems.
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