MICA membership is open to architects, contractors, distributors and manufacturers within the thermal insulation industry in Manitoba.

About Manitoba Insulation Contractors Association (MICA)

The Manitoba Insulation Contractors Association Inc. (MICA) is an association of mechanical insulation contractors, as well as associate manufacturers and distributors of insulation material supply firms. Membership to MICA is open to those insulation professionals and affiliate firms that are operate within Manitoba.

Our objectives are as follows:

• To foster and enhance relations among the members, and between the members and other associations, agencies, groups and/or persons interested in insulation contracting of the type undertaken by the members and/or of a related nature;
• To acquire and disseminate information of value to the industry and to its membership;
• To improve and extend standards, conditions, methods and practices within the industry;
• To promote understanding and goodwill on the part of the public with respect to the functions of the industry and of its members; and
• Generally, to entertain those measures and to participate in those activities; this will promote and facilitate the development of the industry as a whole, thereby increasing the efficiency and extending its usefulness.

Board of Directors:
Robert Gray, Chair

For information on becoming a member of the Manitoba Insulation Contractors Association (MICA), please fill out our online membership application form or contact us.
PO Box 2613
Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 4B3