MICA membership is open to architects, contractors, distributors and manufacturers within the thermal insulation industry in Manitoba.

Apprenticeship Program

A career as a Heat and Frost insulation could be a great fit for you! Heat and Frost insulators assemble and apply insulation to plumbing, piping, pressure vessels, heating, cooling and refrigeration systems to reduce the passage of heat and cold. They play an important role in the conservation of energy and power, even protecting valuable assets including infrastructure, equipment and human resource. When you become certified as a Heat and Frost insulation, you receive a “Red Seal” endorsed interprovincial certificate that is recognized throughout Canada.

What does a Heat & Frost Insulator do?
A heat & frost insulator is trained to:
• Read and interpret drawings and specifications to determine insulation requirements
• Select the amount and type of installations to be installed
• Select the method of securing the insulation according to the conditions and uses
• Measure and cut insulating material and coverings to the required specifications
• Fit insulation around obstacles or shape insulation materials and protective coverings
• Install vapour barriers and finish insulated surfaces
• Remove or seal off old asbestos insulation

What skills/abilities are required?
A heat and frost insulator requires the following:
• Good communication skills
• Good reading skills to interpret drawings and specifications
• Manual dexterity
• Teamwork skills
• Problem solving abilities
• Willingness to keep up to date with new developments
• Ability to work under pressure and in uncomfortable conditions

How long is the apprenticeship program?
The apprenticeship for an insulator (heat and frost) is four years consisting of four levels. Practical and technical training is a minimum of 1500 hours per level. About 80 per cent of the time is spent learning practical on-th-job skills under the supervision of a certified journeyperson and 20 per cent consists of learning the theoretical and technical aspects of the trade through in-school training.

Do I get a certificate?
You receive a “Red Seal” endorsed interprovincial certificate that confirms your status as a certified journeyperson. Your “Red Seal” endorsed Certificate of Qualification as a journeyperson in this trade is recognized throughout Canada.

What are the entrance requirements?
High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP): Begin your apprenticeship training in high school. A minimum age of 16 years in required.

General Admission: A Grade 12 or equivalent high school academic standing is required. If you do not hold a high school diploma, you can also qualify as an Access Program Trainee (formerly Mature Student). Prior Learning Recognition and Assessment may be required.

Trades Qualification: If you are experienced in the trade, but do not hold a Certificate of Qualification, you may become a certified journeyperson based on years of proven industry experience and successful completion of the Red Seal Examination. A Trades Qualification Application and trade specific work experience form must be submitted. Trades professionals whose entrance readiness is less than that required, must take appropriate upgrading.

Currently, this program is offered through Red River College. If you are interested in learning more about a career in Heat and Frost mechanical insulation, contact us here or the Apprenticeship Manitoba office directly at 100-111 Lombard Avenue in Winnipeg or by phone at 204.945.3337.
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